On Video

‘The No Pants Song’ 

The 2nd music video from LifeIsButATheme.com & Jay Brian Productions. The first Friday in May is National No Pants Day. Matt Harvey celebrates with his anthem, ‘The No Pants Song’, featuring Jake Ottosen. Special Appearances by Brian Sheldon, Nora Munde Gustuson, Michael Eisenstein, Kristie Wortman, Holly Hansen, Andrew Sklar, Olivia Wardwell, Aundre Seals, Joe Petrolawicz, and Young Hank from L8 [By The Mummers].


The 1st Video Release from LifeIsButATheme.com & Jay Brian Productions, ‘Can You Handle the Blood’ reunites (and attempts to expand) the [By The Mummers] theatrical ensemble, who find themselves haunted by their Macbeth inspired musical.

‘Can You Handle the Blood’ is a short film by Jay Brian Productions from Frank Cardillo’s ‘Life is But a Theme’. With Musical Arrangements by Jason Purdy, it features Julia Darden, Michael Eisenstein, Nora Munde Gustuson, Holly Hansen, Matt Harvey, Jake Ottosen, Joe Regan, Laura RileyTyson Savoretti, Kati Schwartz, Aundre Seals, Lindsey Shoap, Andrew Sklar, Olivia Wardwell, Kristie Wortman, and Lindsay Zaroogian. Special Appearances by: Beth Devlin, Charles F. Murray, Aileen Targett, & Tolly Wright. The Associate Producer is Laura Archer.

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