The Double Play Project

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Last Public Reading: September 2015 at The Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame, NYC.

The American Pastime Gets Theatrical as Two Giants Face-off about the ‘Real and Authentic’ within the Friendly Confines of Romantic Comedy.

In November 1924, an underwhelming baseball exhibition led by famed New York Giants manager John McGraw took place in London, England. Playwright, critic, and glorified curmudgeon George Bernard Shaw was in attendance taking note.

In fact, he took many, many notes. What followed was a scathing article on America’s pastime in the Evening Standard. Shaw picks apart the game and writes the following with regards to his brief meeting with McGraw.

“I shall never forget that Mr. McGraw, in whom I at last discovered the real and authentic Most Remarkable Man in America… there is no denying that he played us both right off the stage.”

All of the above is true.

‘The Double Play’ is a fictional account of what follows, when ‘Little Napoleon’ takes umbrage with the satirist and searches London to retort. What the two extraordinary giants weren’t prepared for was for their tete-a-tete- to be interrupted by young love.



The renowned critic and playwright recently bored by the American pastime known as baseball taking refuge in a tavern adjacent to where ‘Saint Joan’ plays.


Tending Bar at the tavern down from The New Theatre, where Saint Joan currently plays. A sponge when it comes to baseball knowledge.


New York Giants Manager, “the model for the classic American coach –– a tough, flinty, so-and-so who was field-smart, a man’s man his player came to love despite themselves.” (Frank Deford)


McGraw’s equipment manager, errand boy, and occasional sacrificial lamb, struggling to find who he really is.

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