My Picks

So, you’re a new or infrequent reader and you don’t want to click through dozens of previous blogs, ay?

I don’t blame you.

Here are some of my favorites:

IDENTITY: Where Theatre & Baseball collide.

DOPPELGANGERS: Where Me & Lenny Burrows collide.

CONNECTION: My favorite moment ever working at a theme park.

HORROR: Childhood foolishness.

REVELRY: Just what the heck is a ‘revel’?

RETENTION: Me & my freaky memory.

STAR-CROSSED: Why my life in theatre was delayed three years.

TOUGHNESS:  A pack of pro wrestlers takes on a Genie.

FLYING: Why ‘Transatlantic’ is not in my vocabulary.

BATHING:  Me in a Turkish Bath – you have to.

OLD: The age old question is answered – can one fight in a fat suit.

THAUMATURGY: Makin’ miracles.

SHINY: breaking down why I’m bald.


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