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Theme Park Thursday with Dillo’s Diz: The #9 Ranked Sibling Podcast (Feedspot), celebrate the magic, the memories, the tradition, and the nostalgia in a salute to all Theme Parks but mostly Walt Disney World.

IMG_3416‘The Double Play’,  currently being workshopped for a future production, takes you to 1924 London for the unlikeliest of confrontations. Two Giants in their respective fields; George Bernard Shaw and legendary baseball manager John McGraw faceoff in the friendly confines of a romantic comedy.  Website : Twitter



Since 2009, [By The Mummers], an ensemble of extraordinary characters, have produced events throughout New York City.  In 2011, their musical ‘BLOOD’ was selected as a Next Link Selection of the New York Musical Theatre Festival. In 2014, they were named Champions of the Down Under Improv Festival.
Website : Facebook : Instagram : Pinterest : YouTube



Lenny Burrows – The Master of Revels…The Lord of Misrule…The Merrymaker! Spawned from the famed Bless the Mark Players. Throughout history, Lenny has found himself in places not fit for man, woman or beast. From his circular storytelling days as Warwickshire’s King of Thieves, to his anecdotes as their Master of Revels, to his timely yet untimely death 44 years after his birth, all information contained within is found to be ironically relevant.

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