What we have learned this year is that I will abandon any sort of blogging if the New York Mets are in a pennant race.

The metropolitan baseball team not named the Yankees played their first game in November ever.

It was the first of the month.

They ended up losing the World Series in five games on this day. I’m fairly certain that, going forward, and like myself, the Mets would prefer that all Major League Postseason Baseball games be played in October.

There was no mourning period for me over this loss. This team over achieved. They rejuvenated me as a fan. They were three wins from a championship when most experts expected them to be done five weeks ago.

Now, there are expectations.

Now, they have to live up to the potential that they’ve displayed.

Now, they have to win.

(This is me in a screenshot from ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. The Mighty Righthanded Thor looks on.)

Now… What do I do?

I have to blog about driving up the side of a volcano in Maui. I have to blog about running five miles thru Central Park. I have to blog about this show coming up…

Much to be done…

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