This blog will expose truths about the original pitch of [By The Mummers] on this, their 6th anniversary, September 8th, 2015.

These are actual quotes.

1) ‘By The Mummers’

This would be immediately abandoned in favor of the brand worthy (as in, you could see it on the end of a branding iron) [By The Mummers] – more on this later.

2) ‘An ensemble of theatrical artists striving to enhance the audience experience’.

This is lofty. It’s also a mission statement so bad that no one in the ensemble knew we had a mission statement the first nine months of the company.

3) ‘[Fill in the Blank] By The Mummers’

The name of the individual show was going to be in the brackets. I think this was a [title of show] reference. Needless to say, this quickly changed to put the brackets around the company name.

4) ‘IBSEN [By The Mummers]’ – actual show suggestion. Who wants to see that show?! Would we have Ibsen as a special guest and parody all his work like ‘The Muppet Show’…?

yes, I know Ibsen is dead.

5) ‘the second half will be a solid 30-45 minute piece.’

Yeah, right. The first show was so long we had to have an intermission.  And people claim the second show was four hours because the theater was so hot, but they forget we started at 10pm (it ended after midnight…).

6) ‘Commitment to Craft – By The Mummers. Viral ads promoting the ensemble’.

I blatantly stole this from Matt Harvey (not the pitcher) and tacked it onto this project. We were all on a ‘Slings & Arrows’ kick. The idea of seeing both characters and the characters playing them seemed to make perfect sense.

7) ‘Show #1: [Prologue] By The Mummers’

Nope, we called it BLOOD. We decided to mock the most superstitious laced show in theatrical history in our debut. The very superstitious Producing Director agreed to this change.

This is also why he’s stopping this list at lucky number seven.

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