so, you take off from your blog for six weeks and the first thing you post about is… a ukelele???

About thirteen years ago, I had a ukelele. I strummed it as a character choice for the nerdy Irish brother of the bride I played in an Italian-Irish wedding dinner theater show. Just like the guitar before it, and the mandolin after it, my ukelele skills were terrible. Adding my lack of tuning ability to that, and it was not long until I traded that and my unicycle (yes, a unicycle, true story) for an undisclosed sum of cash.

The thing is, back then, I knew one person who played the ukelele. Now, I know at least a dozen… Is it because I know more people now? 


Here’s my theory.

When the ukelele regained popularity in the early 2000’s, it was in great part due to the covers of ‘Over the Rainbow’ & ‘What a Wonderful World’. These two songs, in the sweet simplicity of their lyrics strike a chord (!) and resonate with the emotional centers of millions.

And that’s what I think the ukelele provides. A tranquility in music and, when accompanied by lyrics, a focused expression of honesty and truth. I’m not sure how many people realize that, but I also think that’s why so many people react negatively to them. 

Of course, my warped brain takes that idea and makes it dark:

Have you seen Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ yet? The short that precedes it,  ‘Lava’, puts my theory to the test.