My dreams tend to drift to the elaborate side. Sometimes I recall them. Sometimes I forget them. Sometimes they focus on the restraint taken in not buying toys related to the new ‘Star Wars’ movie (that one is a premonition) where a friend who has passed on shows up in costume to live it up a little with somebody else leaving you stranded. I have attempted to journal my dreams once, while I was living in Florida. It didn’t take. I try to retain my dreams in the old noggin for future ideas.

Yesterday, though, I had a dream that I found blog worthy, interpret away!

I was watching a new installment of the ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’ movie series. Every character not played Johnny Depp were raging down uncontrollable waters on a very anachronistic looking inflatable raft. The music was swelling suggesting their impending demise. The look on the characters’ faces seemed to suggest their impending demise – like unto the moment in ‘Toy Story 3’, which was the point in which I began to cry and didn’t stop for twenty minutes, escalating to full scale sobbing.

The look on the characters’ faces, however, suggested something deeper. It appeared the actors behind the characters were also headed to impending doom. Johnny Depp had screwed them all! That’s what I thought. Sounds like a wrestling angle, which is subconsciously appropriate as it is Wrestlemania week. While we’re on the subject of the subconscious, the appearance of a cast of Pirates would appear to connect to the Sterling Renaissance Festival casting being in progress.

Geoffrey Rush’s Barbosa was laying flat on his back in the raft, comically hooting and hollering like it was a Six Flags river Rapids ride.

Then he glanced at me.

And I looked to my left.

The waterfall was dead ahead! I wasn’t watching a movie at all! I was a part of some kind of crew and I was about to meet my impending doom…

Johnny Depp had screwed me too!!!

I was going to be airborne when I cleared the waterfall due to the speed of the raging water. Once my descent commenced, it was only a matter of time before it was all over since I am not a great swimmer, particularly in deep ends. As I lifted off into the air, with a clear view of the treetops, one looping thought went through my brain.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

While it was nice to have this realization mid-dream, it was a failed tactic. I was soon submerged underwater. While I felt weight beneath me, I was not being pulled that far under. The light above the water was still present. There was a chance, though not a good one considering my swimming prowess, that I could get to the surface.

With my head above water, it was clear that I was in some kind of underground system. I was being tossed around, above and below. Every time I could see clearly, it was in search of a doorway. This took considerable time.

When a huge opening became available, it was leading into a jungle. The opening was being guarded by an ape standing at attention. It was one of those Andy Serkis Planet of the Apes Ape. I didn’t see those movies because they creep me out… And the first one has James Franco in it.

I chose the rough water over the guarded ape.

Another opening presented itself. Turns out that this was not a jungle, but a zoo. The main path of the zoo led me to a dilapidated Long Island Railroad Station. I had trouble purchasing the ticket (my wallet was wet), but it turned out one of my swiped cards led to my name appearing on a conductor’s clipboard. The train itself had seating issues – as in the car I was in only had free standing chairs. But the board outside said the train stopped in my hometown and that was good enough for me.

And then I woke up.

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